Video calls, private 1 on 1

Our Videochat is a ready-made site solution.

There are two ways to initiate private video calls

Instant video calls can be initiated from live models in video chat:

  • live from webcam listings
  • during group chat
    The customer needs a wallet with tokens to participate in the pay-per-minute video calls.
    All direct calls are paid by the minute.

Locked video call links can be set up from the models dashboard for specific users via username or email.

  • Each call is then restricted to a customer and can only be accessed via a link.
  • The customer can access a list of all available calls from the customer dashboard.
  • Models can then start the chat or switch live to call-only mode: only customers with a call link can then access it.
  • Models can then set a locked call as paid (pay per minute) or free.

Models Call Chat Modes

In addition to group chat modes, models can go ‘Live’ in Call or Locked Call mode, which disables group chat.
Models can use call only modes to answer calls, without starting a group/pre-sale chat.

Private chat/call modes

Private chat is available in 3 modes:

  • video call (webcam, microphone, text chat)
  • Audio call (microphone, text chat)
  • Private text chat (text chat only)

The call mode can be selected by the customer from the list menu. Models can set up both paid and free calls.
Different types of paid calls can have different cost per minute.

Private 2-way webcam video call

This option supports video/audio/text modes. Pay per minute or free.
Sends video/audio recordings in text chat.
And offers the possibility tor Donate/gift, reveal/display after warming up with timer.

And offers the possibility tor Donate/gift, reveal/display after warming up with timer.

The administrator of Brazilian Dreamgirls can set up locked call rooms for certain customers.
Only that customer can then access it with the call link.

Instant private call request from group chat

The customer may request a private two-way video call from Brazilian Dreamgirls. The model can accept or decline the public group chat and stay in the public group chat.

Locked Calls – Client Dashboard

Clients can access all their locked calls from the client dashboard.

In 2-way video calls, clients can publish their own camera, view live balance, send tips/gifts, depending on the configured features. The ‘Reveal / Uncover’ button is hidden after activation.

Audio only: broadcasting microphone

Audio only: 2-way playback and broadcast

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