Tipping and gifts from customers

Gifts / donations

  • Clients can send gifts/tips/donations to model(s) both in public chat and private sessions.
  • There are many tip options (for a client to select):
  • amount
  • label
  • standard note (message) to performer
  • sound (mp3) to play on the tip
  • image (icon of gift)

When several models are checked in for a group session, the gifts are shared in equal amounts.

  • Donation targets
  • Goals can be set from the settings.
  • Brazilian Dreamgrils defines the default goals and models can then set their own custom goals.
  • When a goal is completed, the room moves to the next goal.
  • Customers can contribute to the chat goal or independent goals at any time.
  • Goals can be sorted by order or donation amount.

Gifts: Customers can send gifts (tokens) in private or group chats.

Gift targets in chat: gifs count towards targets. Completing a goal moves to the next one.

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