CAM girls wanted

We are looking for good looking models who are open minded and can work on cam xxx 18+ projects at Brazilian Dreamgirls.

Have you wondered what it takes to become a CAM girl? Do you think you’ve got it? Some women say it’s a great way to be a self-employed freelancer, a way to pay debts and something they enjoy doing.

There are a lot of advantages:

  • No Hard Work Involved 😉
  • Short working times, keep live for 2-4 hours
  • High earnings
  • While freedom and quick money are great, your own personal sexual development is also something to consider

Why should I become a model?

There is no special training for webcam models. Anyone of 18 years or older can become a webcam model. Unfortunately there is a taboo on this form of working from home, so the chance that you will hear someone around you talking about it is rather small. Because of this, this form of earning extra money remains relatively unknown.
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  • Models need to have a cam and good internet connection
  • Basic English language is required
  • You feel comfortable and can adapt in different situations
  • You are charming and sophisticated.


Please apply or contact us for more information.
We will come back to you within 24 hours.

You can also make use of the direct registration. To do so, click here.

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