Become a webcam model

There is no special training for webcam models. Anyone of 18 years or older can become a webcam model. Unfortunately there is a taboo on this form of working from home, so the chance that you will hear someone around you talking about it is rather small. Because of this, this form of earning extra money remains relatively unknown.

Yet there are many homeworkers, both men and women, who earn a nice extra income from their own home. Webcam homeworking is one of the best earning forms of homeworking and gives you the most flexibility when it comes to allocating your own time.

What does homeworking mean?

There are a lot of misunderstandings about this as well. A lot of people think that a webcam model is a young woman of around 20 with a super tight figure, who is constantly lying naked with her legs spread out in front of the camera, pretending to come every 5 minutes
Fortunately this is not true, webcam modeling is much more varied than that. If it would be that simple the visitors would rather rent a porn movie, that is cheaper and then they basically get to see the same thing.

First of all, web cam models are not only female. There are also male webcam models. Furthermore, the ages of the models vary a lot – there are many different ages and types among the successful web cam models.

Visitors to webcam sites are mainly male and they have very different fantasies. You could say that every jar has a lid.

It’s also about more than just looks. Sure: there are men who especially like big breasts/full slim types or slim women, men who have a preference for tinted or white. But what really appeals to them is that they can really chat with you about their fantasies.

In addition, your appearance is also important. Not necessarily your appearance, but the atmosphere you create. Romantic or dark? Are you a naive young man/woman or very experienced? With the help of the right clothing, surroundings and accessories you can do a lot about it. You can read more about this later on.

Basic necessities

What you need anyway for this work is a good webcam (preferably hd) and of course a dose of enthusiasm. Webcamming is a lot of fun, show your visitors that you feel like it!

Why not just cam via the built-in webcam of your laptop, you might wonder. The reason is as follows: when you dim your lights a bit, the image of standard webcams becomes rather grainy, this is not really attractive.

An hd-webcam makes sure that, despite dimmed lighting, you still get a clear view. Fortunately, hd-webcams are quite cheap nowadays and this investment pays for itself in no time.


Don’t you want to be recognized or do you like to play a certain type? On the internet you can buy a wig for little money. Think for example of a wig with beautiful long black, red or blond hair. Or a spicy short head. With a little make-up you will look very different (and unrecognizable!).

There are also many visitors who fall for a certain style. This can vary from shy chambermaid to dominant policewoman. It’s not necessarily necessary to dress up, but when you make sure you’re in your role and wear the right clothes, this can cause many visitors to be willing to pay over and over again to see you! Often you also feel very different in a certain outfit and that is what you radiate.

Earn more

With webcam homeworking you are paid per minute per visitor. The nice thing is that multiple visitors can also be logged in at the same time. For example, when 4 visitors look at you at the same time, you earn 4 times as much :-).

Sign up

Do you like it and would you like to sign up as a webcam model? This can be arranged fairly quickly. After passing on the necessary information you can start camming right away. You are free to arrange your own time. There is no minimum or maximum number of hours.

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